1956 Eastern Air Lines Eddie Rickenbacker Vintage Ad American Petroleum Institute 56 *You Choose Frame-Mat Colors-Free USA S&H*

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1956 Eastern Air Lines Eddie Rickenbacker Vintage Ad American Petroleum Institute 56 *You Choose Frame-Mat Colors-Free USA S&H*


- Vintage Magazine Ad professionally matted and framed here in Helendale...an Historic Route 66 town in Southern California.


Some of the text in this Vintage Ad:

CAPT. EDDIE RICKENBACKER, chairman of the board, Eastern Air Lines, dean of the air transportation industry. World War I “Aces of Aces,” World War II hero.


``It’s America's mission to show the world what
free men can accomplish. For instance, our incredible
progress in aviation is powerful proof of the
practical miracles that free men, competing in a
free enterprise system, can produce.

"Progress like this is the very
essence of America. Every individual,
every industry contributes
to it. Look at what our
oilmen have done: The gasoline
that `powered' my Spad
fighter in World War I would
stall your car today and wouldn't
even turn a propeller on a mod-
ern airliner!

"No one man or company could
improve fuels so much-so fast.
It takes the research of many
men in many oil companies-
all competing in the search for
a better product at less cost for
more people.

"As long as our competitive
system stays free and healthy,
oilmen will meet every challenge.
By 1959, they'll be ready
with the vast supplies of special
fuels needed for our new fleets
of jet airliners which will take
you from New York to Florida
in 2 hours and around the
world in 40 hours.

"We must guard this freedom
of competition well. America's
leadership in the jet age will
grow out of our freedom of competitive
enterprise, created by
the free people of this country
to keep America growing, secure
and strong. Remember,
only the strong can be free."

Eddie Rickenbacker [Signature]

This page is presented for your information by the AMERICAN PETROLEUM INSTITUE W. 50th St., New York 20, N.Y. (NY)

A great Vintage Ad!

You pick your frame color, and you pick your mat color. We will mat and frame your Vintage Ad per your request and send it to you promptly. All you have to do is remove it from the box and hang it on the wall in your home, office, garage, man cave, or showroom!

We mat and frame original, vintage magazine ads...they are in good condition, but may not be perfect as they are many decades old. Frame outside dimensions are 15" x 12", and matted ad is approximately 9-5/8" x 6-5/8" (could be slightly different, depending on ad).

Frames and vintage ads are actual as shown, and mat is computer generated for online viewing. Actual mat is custom cut for each individual ad and mat color will be similar to the colors shown on the website. “Travel Route 3 Scan” watermark is placed on the ad for online viewing only, and is not part of the final product. Back side of Vintage Ad is glued to backing paper so that it continues to display flat over time. Here is what you will receive:

- New frame
- New mat
- New glass
- Vintage Ad

Don't see what you are looking for?
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Would you like to create a custom idea?
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Please contact us with any questions.

Please choose your Frame Color:

  • Gold
  • Teal Blue
  • Black
  • Off White
  • Dark Wood Grain

Please choose your Mat Color:

  • Off White
  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Tan
  • Light Yellow
  • Yellow
  • Gold
  • Marigold
  • Coral
  • Red
  • Maroon
  • Burgundy
  • Dark Maroon
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Light Blue
  • Gray Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Light Turquoise
  • Teal
  • Army Green
  • Forest Green
  • Olive Green
  • Brown
  • Black
  • White
  • Gray

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