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Welcome to our Travel Route 3 Online Store!  We have a passion for Travel, Cars, History, Route 66, and Americana...and we list items in our store that we are passionate about, and we hope you will like what you find here too.  We will be adding many, many more items to our store on a weekly basis, so please check back often.  Please read this page in its entirety for a better understanding of what you can find in our Travel Route 3 Online Store.

Travel - I have traveled to 46 states, and love exploring the USA.  I collect post cards, maps, magazines, brochures, etc. from all over the USA.  We also operate a home-based, online travel business (link below).

Cars - I have owned nearly 100 cars over the decades, and many wonderful antique and classic cars along the way.  I was trained as an auto technician, and owned and operated an antique and classic automotive restoration shop for 20 years.  I also sold 10,000's of antique and classic car and truck parts to over 40 countries.  We might be adding parts to this site in the future.

History - I have always been fascinated with history...and USA history specifically.  Traveling to 46 states has afforded me the opportunity to experience many historical places throughout the country.

Route 66 - I live in an Historic Route 66 town in Southern California.  Our family has taken many Route 66 adventures between Illinois and California.  We have stopped in over 100 towns and cities...stayed in many fun and historic hotels, motels, and motor lodges...eaten at many historic restaurants and diners...seen all kinds of tourist attractions in all eight Historic Route 66 states...and have collected many, many thousands of photographs over the years.

Americana - I love the United States of America, and just about anything that represents our great history, heritage, and culture.


It is our hope we can share something of value with you and your family in our Travel Route 3 Online Store!


A couple of important notes about our store...

1.  We have created a few categories we hope you will find enjoyable as you cruise through our site.  If you are looking for anything specific, simply type into the SEARCH box exactly what you are looking for.  Please remember we are adding new items weekly, so check back frequently if you can't find something you are looking for.

2.  All item pricing (unless otherwise noted) includes free, expedited shipping and handling to USA destinations.

3.  You will see a Travel Route 3 emblem in most photos of vintage ads, maps, postcards, and other printed materials.  This emblem WILL NOT be included in your order.  All of our items are ORIGINAL and VINTAGE (no reproductions), and this emblem protects are work from being copied.

4.  You get to choose the color of the frame and the color of the mat on vintage ads so that the ad can match your personal taste and décor.

5.  Please contact us if you would like multiple ads in one larger frame, if you would like your own photos or post cards combined in a frame with one of our ads, or if you would like us to create a custom shadow box that combines your items with one or more of our ads.


We hope you enjoy traveling through our online store!


- Roscoe and Nancy Thompson


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